Regulator/Rectifier, 12 Volt, 200W, Single Phase with Battery Eliminator

Solid state rectifier and regulator with built in capacitor.

Just like the Podtronics units, but without the branding!

Can be used with battery as a standard regulator/rectifier or without a battery (only if your bike's charging system produces enough power at idle speeds).

IMPORTANT NOTE: If using without battery, you will be relying 100% on the output from your charging system to operate the electrical system when replacing your battery with one of these. If the power output, particularly at low RPM (often the case with 30+ year old bikes or small cc bikes) is insufficient, this item may not work as expected or fail to be compatible at all. Please do your research before purchasing as we will not accept the return of this item in this instance. The starter motor will be rendered inoperative if replacing your battery with this unit, so you must kick start the bike instead.

Not compatible with electro-magnet alternators. For single phase, permanent magnet alternators only.

Negative earth electrical systems only. Not compatible with positive earth systems.

Dimensions: 80mm x 70mm x 31mm.

Weight: 255g.

Maximum recommended wattage: 200W.

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