Muffler, Reverse Cone Megaphone, "Shorty", Black

Can be used on the left or right side. End cone is removeable giving access to the baffle.

Comes fitted with removable baffle.

Length: 435mm (17")

Largest diameter: 96mm (3.78")

Weight (including hanger bracket and clamp): 1.3kg (2.86 lbs)

Suit 44.5mm (1.75") pipe diameter.

Includes set of 3 reducer adaptors to fit pipe diameters of 35mm (1-3/8"), 38mm (1-1/2"), and 41.3mm (1-5/8"). NB: these are manufacturers specifications, however in practice we have found that it struggles to clamp on something less than 36.5mm, and you may find you need some thin copper sheet, etc. to take up the slack.

Also includes chrome exhaust clamp and hanger bracket.

Note: muffler fitted to bike in images is chrome model.

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