Motogadget motoscope mini, Digital Speedo/Tacho, Black


Black anodised.

The motoscope mini is a highly compact digital instrument for motorbikes, measuring just 59mm x 21.5mm x 13mm.

The LED display we created for the motoscope mini is unique in the instrument realm. 251 ultra bright LEDs provide for an essentially rimless and extremely readable display surface which can entirely be used for the display of readings. This intricate and innovative technology combines a maximum of display surface with minimal casing dimensions.

The unadorned and elegant design of the motoscope mini and its high class appearance fits every bike, trike or four-wheel vehicle. Exposed mounting can reinforce style and looks, but it might just as well be installed more discretely and 'clean' - with the mini, everything is possible!

The high-quality aluminium casing is machined from solid metal and its surface is black anodized. The mirror polished variant has its own appeal. Electronics come completely moulded-in and are immune to weather, water, dust and vibrations.


Display and Features

The innovative, ultra bright 251-LED dot matrix shows the engine speed in a scalable horizontal bargraph and all other features as easily readable numeric values. With the push of a button, the engine speed can be displayed as numerical value (rpm) as well.

For optimal readability in dark, sunlight and dawn conditions, the LED luminosity varies automatically.

Specific engine speed thresholds can be programmed for the display to show the maximum permissible engine speed ('red zone') or a gear shift light with all LEDs pulsating simultaneously.

The kicker: The display of the motoscope mini not only displays numeric values from left to right but from top to bottom as well. Thus, the instrument may also be mounted vertically!



You can toggle between the different informations on the LED display by operating the provided menu push-button or e.g. the headlight flasher push-button on the handle bar.

By default, the display shows the speed value. Other values may be displayed via push-button operation if needed. A feature for automatically switching back to the speed value after a predetermined time or leaving the manually chosen value on the display is provided.

Default settings or recorded values are of course stored even with the power supply switched off.



Due to its compact dimensions, the motoscope mini is easily mounted just about anywhere on any vehicle. Single mount on your triple clamp or right onto the handle bar, embedded into already present instrument panels, into the tank or FBE - this instrument is applicable anywhere.

We offer universal mounts as well as brand specific solutions e.g. for Buell or Harley-Davidson. Please refer to 'Mounting'.


Connection and Sensors

Hassle-free wiring and the detailed installation and operating instructions enables even users without any previous experience in handling the vehicles electrical system to connect this instrument.

The supplied speedometer sensor in stainless steel is very small (M5/25 mm). The 1.5 m connector cable easily connects it to the front or back wheel. This permits easy conversions of originally mechanical speedometer drives.

The motoscope mini is compatible with various original speedometer sensors (reed contact and proximity sensors) used by motorbike manufacturers. In these cases, only the terminals have to be connected while the installation of mechanical sensors will be completely obsolete.

An intelligent 'teaching' function provides for easy speedometer calibration - even in cases of vehicles with sensors at the gear box.


Package Contents

  • Instrument with approx. 75 cm connector cable
  • Mini push-button
  • Removable fuse
  • 6 cable end connectors
  • Speedometer sensor (M5 x 0,5 fine-pitch thread, stainless steel, IP 68) with 150 cm connector cable
  • 2 powerful neodymium mini magnets
  • 2 mounting screws M3
  • Detailed installation and operating instructions



Length/Width/Depth: 59 mm/21.5 mm/13 mm

Weight: approx. 32 g

Mounting: 2 x M3 threaded hole

Power consumption, operating: approx. 100 mA (load dependent)

Operating voltage: 7 V - 18 V

Operating temperature: -20°... +80°C

Rev counter (LED bargraph): 0 – 6, 8, 10 krpm

Rev counter (numeric): 0 – 20 krpm

Threshold adjustment/gear shift flash: 0 – 20000 rpm

Speedometer: 0 – 999 km/h or mi/h

Trip meter: 0 – 999.99 km or mi

Total distance (adjustable): 99999 km or mi max.

Travel time display: 0 – 99:59 h/min

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