MMCC05, 1975 Yamaha XS650

Completion Date September 2012


Headlight, 7” side-mount, chrome, flat lens replaced with a domed lens.

Grips, early barrel, black.

Tail light, early style, black.

Speedo, 48mm polished stainless fitted to the fork-lower.

Pod filters.

Firestone tyres, 325-19 & 400-18.

Switch Block, Alloy with Push Button & Toggle.

Custom headers with hidden baffles.

Exhaust wrap, 1” wide, black.

Amal 534 levers and Doherty-replica throttle.

5.5" aluminium fender.

Anti Gravity 8-cell battery.



We finally got to fab up a remote master cylinder for a hydraulic front brake setup using a rear brake master cylinder kit to do the job. Hidden up under the tank. Extra fluid delivered via a custom billet aluminium reservoir from Japan fitted just behind the headlight.

The custom seat was made by local artisan Mick from Busyman Bicycles using 1mm thick sheets of ply laminated to the shape of the frame as the base, & upholstered in leather.

That tank is off the later XS650 Special model. We cut the original cap out and fitted a custom cap from MOONEYES.

Top yoke is an after market SR yoke from Daytona. We embedded LEDs in the gauge mounts to act as warning lights.

Stainless steel rear shocks, around an inch lower than stock, were made to our specifications by Hagon.

We ditched the original carbs in favour of a pair of Mk.1 Amal 932's. They might not be as sophisticated as some after-market Japanese carbs, but they're a lot prettier in our opinion and much simpler to tune. We would have preferred bellmouths but being as the engine has been overhauled recently, we thought it was best to play it safe and stuck a pair of K&N's on.

Silencing is provided by a baffle in the end of each header. Surprisingly sufficient enough to pass legal requirements.

Amperage is supplied via an 8-cell Antigravity hidden in front of the rear tyre just under the swing arm.

Dry weight: 170kg

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