Tacho, 60mm, Black, with Black Body, LED-lit

Matching tacho for our all-black speedo range.

Tachometer, 60mm diameter, satin black body and bezel, black face, LED backlight.

 Note: this tacho does not match the bulb backlit speedo's in terms of aesthetics when illuminated. We strongly recommend combining LED back-lit speedo's with LED back-lit tacho's, and bulb-lit speedo's with bulb-lit tacho's.


- 0-12,000RPM,

- LED backlight,

- stainless steel mounting bracket with black finish,

- bezel diameter 67mm,

- body diameter 60.5mm,

- length 53mm (not including the tacho cable spigot),

- available in 1:4, 1:5 or 1:7 gear ratios.

If you're not sure what ratio you need, a quick google search should help.

Cable spigot size is M12 with 1mm thread pitch.

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