Speedo, 2" (48mm), White Face, Polished Body, 140MPH

Polished stainless steel bezel, body and bracket. White face. Perfect for your cafe racer, bobber, chopper, street tracker, or Brattstyle project.

Some images here show KPH model. We will ship you the MPH model. 

Extra small speedo. Great for alternative fitment locations such as aside the tank or off the lower fork.


- 0-140MPH.

- incandescent bulb backlight.

- includes stainless steel mounting bracket.

- bezel diameter 52mm,

- body diameter 47.5mm,

- length 51.5mm (not including the speedo cable spigot),

- gear ratio is 60mph = 2,240RPM (M=2.1), universal fit for most Japanese, and many American and British motorcycles.

Cable spigot size is M12 with 1mm thread pitch.

Note: wires do not have terminals crimped on as shown in images here.

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